"The basic cause of the problem facing Bharat is the neglect of its national identity"




“SHE”. We consider BHARATH (Our Country) as Bharath Matha . SHE refers to S- Sports, H-Health, E-Education.

Giving more importance to organic farming.

Strengthening the hands of farmers by providing continuous electricity, clearing up water channels, and rejuvenating lakes..

Facilitating farmers and laborers who are the backbone of our country with the required infrastructure to help in development of the nation.

To bring awareness in every individual to contribute for the development of the Nation.

Develop more individuals to contribute towards the up-liftment of living standards of country in general.

Strongly believe in the principle of “STRONG BODY- STRONG MIND” on those lines providing proper facilities for sports in schools and colleges.

To promote health and prevent illness with the appropriate measures taken at appropriate times.

Supporting military veteran’s by providing suitable employment.